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Who are we?

​We are a specialist Human Resource Management Consultancy providing consultancy services. Charthan House consultants work with businesses and their senior staff to make their business strategy or plan a reality.

We concentrate in Business Change,  which includes overall Project Management, Resource Planning, Outsourcing, and Business Case Development.  We also provide HR consultancy on HR Services and Health and Safety.

What do we do?

We work with small and medium sized businesses on translating the strategy, or business plan, into deliverable goals and action plans.  We support the evaluation of resource requirements, communications and project planning. We focus on delivering your strategy and business plans through:

     C  converting business plans into deliverable and measurable tasks and actions

      C  effective management of resources - particularly staff and time​

      C  understanding how to develop opportunities through networking​

      C  aligning the external brand with internal operations​

      C  providing resources for significant projects.

If your business does not have a clear strategy or business plan, Charthan House consultants will work with you to develop one.

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